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We bought a Chrysler 300 2013 model back in February of 2017 from day one driving this car home my wife was behind me driving the car I happened to look in my rear view mirror and she was in 2 lanes I called her cell phone to gripe her out thinking she was talking on her cell phone allowing her to be in both lanes but that wasn't the case she stated that she hit a bump in the road and it literally threw her into the next lane so we get the car home and I take it and drive it and this car sways back and fourth no matter what speed your at and if your on the highway at high speeds and hit a bump you better have both hands on the wheel cause this car will throw you all over the road within 6 weeks it wire out a brand new set of tires down to the wires so I take it to Hibdon tires to have new tires put on once again and had them put it on the alighnment rack to check it out and they called me back to there machine to show me what they found the whole spindle system on the drivers side sets back farther then the passengers front side there exact words wer this car has been in a wreck and been hit hard on the drivers side and also said the alighnment was already adjusted all the way out and could not be adjusted any we have been fighting the warranty place since buying this car and every time we say something is wrong they say it's not covered in warranty.we finally get them to come get the car and they check it out and said the steering nuckle and the shock on the right front side was bent real bad and the back one on the passengers side was bent slightly so they called us and try to accuse us of wrecking the car and we told them we have never had a wreck I. That car and we had full coverage if we would of had a wreck we would of turned it in to insurance but this car was like this when we drove it off the lot and it wore out the second set of tires all the way down to the wire again so I take it to the my alighnment shop and they told me that the front end parts being bent has nothing to do with the tire wearing out in the rear but the car lot won't make good on it they just keep giving us the run around the government needs to do something with car lots like this before they get somebody killed

Product or Service Mentioned: 2013 Chrysler 300 Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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